The Best Investment in Southeast Europe Today


Investment is essential when it comes to family finance management.

It is also essential to prepare your future or prepare your finances when something unexpected happens, such as this pandemic. As you know, many people have lost their jobs due to this global pandemic. By investing, you are still able to secure your family finance. Not only in your own country, but you can also make an investment in other countries across the globe, such as Southeast Europe. According to Vassilis Milionis, we should not miss property investment or real estate investment when it comes to the best investment.

Property or real estate is one of the most well-known investment products. As lands are getting more and more limited, especially in big cities, investing in properties or real estate can be truly beneficial and profitable. Property investment expects two sources of profits—first, the increase in property prices. Since a residence is included as one of the primary needs, people must really need it. This is why property prices will most likely increase from time to time. Or, you can also rent out your property, and you will be able to have regular additional income from the rental cost.

People only know the benefits of property investment and real estate investment. The risks of such an investment are rarely discussed. In fact, just like any other thing, investing in real estate or property indeed has risks. For example, the building process is slower than the timing target. Moreover, property prices do not always increase. Property prices are currently decreasing because of global pandemic. However, do not hesitate to invest in property. Because Vasilis Milionis states that the foreign investments might expand by 2023. The Greek property investor said so with reason. Some governments have performed some economic initiatives, such as easier access to funding and tax incentives.

About Vassilis Milionis:

If you are truly interested in property investment, you might want to consider investing in Mr Vassilis Milionis’ latest property project, which is called Filia Estate. Filia Estate is a luxury tourism property project that is worth 16 million euros. The project focuses on building a 5-starred luxury hotel with complete facilities, including shops, gardens with big olive groves, a club for kids, dining areas, a wellness center, sports facilities, and many more. Filia Estate also involves in the development of the Holiday Apartment in Greece. The apartment consists of 127 residences. Are you interested in investing?

“Covid και Σχολεία, Κυβερνητικές ανεπάρκειες σε βαθμό επικινδυνότητας”: Άρθρο-παρέμβαση του δημάρχου Ηλιούπολης Γ. Χατζηδάκη

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